Diversity & Cultural Testing

Ensure your advertising is inclusive, and resonates with all audiences including diverse and multicultural audiences

What is Diversity Testing?

Diversity testing is a means for those in the advertising and marketing world to have a quick sense check and understand if a proposed campaign is likely to work with diverse marketing audiences or not (and why).

Australia is among the most multicultural and diverse societies in the world. Diversity testing helps ensure your campaign is inclusive and respectful to all audiences.

It is an essential and simple step to avoid stereotypes or alienating and offending various audience groups with inadvertent missteps in advertising and marketing.

In today’s digital world, unintentional racial and diversity mistakes from brands and organisations can quickly go viral and cause brand damage and lost revenue. The brand damage at times can lead to millions of dollars and is often irreparable.

Self-identity is complicated and highly nuanced – many diverse audiences retain deep links with their culture and identity making diverse Australia feel more like a ‘salad bowl’ than the traditional ‘melting pot’.

Why is it

How does it work?

It is as easy as
1, 2, 3!


Submit your campaign creative and any special testing requirements to us for a free quote.

Diversity testing will check how your creative resonates with a sample of multicultural and diverse Australia (or a specific audience or group of audiences that you nominate). This testing is in the form of a tailored questionnaire


Diversity testing will analyse the answers and you will receive a scorecard summarising how your creative fares on key attributes. The scorecard will include specific recommendations to adjust the creative to be more inclusive.

What kinds of creative can be checked?

Check your creatives in a variety of mediums including Digital, Social, Radio, Television, Outdoor, Public Relations and Communications, Print

From images, word choice, creative direction, colour choices, talent, and more
– Diversity testing can deep dive to find out if your creative campaign is likely to engage diverse audiences before you roll your mainstream campaign out.

What audiences can be tested?

We can test your creative with a range of diverse and multicultural audiences…

…or you may wish to drill down deeper, and test specific audiences grouped by commonalities such as Language, Religion, Culture and more, including Chinese, Indian, Arabic-speaking, Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Religious sensitivities, Gender, LGBTQ+.

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